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Sigi Kulterer, born on the11.of November 1955 in Lienz (Austria), is a free lance artist and member of the Austrian professional association of visual art. As a tutor for adult education, he teaches in France at the “Ardéche Académie” in Banne, at the seminar center “Les Blancards” in Laurac-en-Vivarais,and at other Seminarcenters in Europa. Sigi Kulterer, among experts acknowledged painter and musician, organizes different creative workshops, school projects and journeys for students. With his own works, especially in mixed technique and graphic, Sigi Kulterer was represented in numerous exhibitions in Austria and other European and African countries.

- Education Basic education in the Gymnasium Spittal/Drau
- 1979-1982 academic studies in Vienna
- 1984 International summer academy Salzburg
- 1990-1991 further education at HGK Zurich

The artist tries to emblematize existential questions, like the human accomplishment of being and the growing conflict-potential with the ambience. This is also the center of Kulterers abstract work. Sigi Kulterers graphics are carried by balanced dynamics and a strong internal-figurative movement. In the center of the composition very dark and high-contrasted surfaces are located, witch leave by different shades enough freedom and movement to the eye.

The formal elements, witch remind of geometrical basic forms, like triangle, circles and spirals, are integrated into the picture-whole. Through a longer and detailed view the hues and the individual lines seam to merge to a three-dimensional and alive appearing form. The easily rounded triangles, ellipse near circles and spirals with unbalanced line distances remain in tension through their structure. The widened image space offers a broad free space through his bright and easily colored periphery surfaces with a stimulative nature. Such abstract compositions combined with a high-contrasted color effect may lead some of the viewers into a strong emotional sadness. This consciously chosen indefiniteness and directness of the artistic form can be interpreted as ark typical or shaman mystical to give a contribution to the identity in our over technical world..

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